We invest in companies with long term growth potential

We thrive on investing in emerging markets and finding previously undiscovered growth assets in more mature territories. While opportunistic by design we have thus far focused on financial and legal services, private aviation, chemical and oil products, FMCG, commercial real estate development and BPO.

  • In 2009 we launched Lewben Family Offices, a multi-family boutique focused on providing financial, wealth, estate and business management services. Learn more
  • The company offers a tailor made service package for a modern customer while ensuring safety, reliability, comfort and discretion. Learn more
  • Fireaway Inc. is a leading provider of proprietary solutions in the field of fire prevention. It develops fire suppression systems based on the unique condensed aerosol technology. Learn more
  • Kalvariju market is one of the largest and oldest open air markets in Vilnius. First official records about its establishment date as far back as 1903. Learn more
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