Investment principles

We have established a number of guiding principles that we have used successfully before. These principles are as follows:

  • We prefer investing in a growing market
  • We invest in the industries that we understand and have experience
  • We look for an underserved niche
  • We prefer to invest in target companies with a historical track record of growth and profitability; that said, we will jump into a start-up if the opportunity warrants risk taking
  • We look for high operating margin business
  • We look for a winning attitude and a solid management talent who we will back up to achieve the next set of strategic goals
  • Transparency and integrity is non-negotiable
  • A potential synergy with another portfolio company is a plus
  • We take an active investment position either through a majority stake or shareholder agreement
  • We are in for a long term but will not pass if the right opportunity comes along

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