Investment process

Our investment process is something we approach with a lot of responsibility and care. It provides a logical and systematic foundation for future success. In simplified terms, the process is outlined below.

  • Discovery. After executing non-disclosure agreements we start by getting to know our potential investment target. During this stage we verify fundamental facts about the business, services, operations, financials, strategy and management. This part of the process aims to create mutual comfort on both the buyer and the seller side that a common view towards the business future can be found. We also establish approximate valuation principles that we conclude with the seller.
  • Indicative offer. After a satisfactory completion of the initial discovery, we issue an indicative offer where we outline the main terms of the proposed transaction. Such an offer is normally of a non-binding nature, its purpose is to provide comfort to both parties that the key transaction elements are both understood and mutually acceptable.
  • Memorandum of Understanding. If the offer is accepted we draft a MoU where the terms of the indicative offer are endorsed by both parties.
  • Due diligence. We then execute financial and legal due diligence.
  • Share purchase agreement. Once the due diligence has been completed we will execute a share purchase agreement and proceed with closing.

Once all this is done and dusted – the real fun of working together and creating value commences!

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