Value we bring

We cannot avoid mentioning that the first and most straightforward element of value that Enercom Capital brings is funding – either a buyout of an investor or a supplement to the capital necessary to achieve expansion goals.  However there is more.  Through active board memberships we will seek to contribute expertise and management knowledge to reach the next set of strategic objectives.  We will extend help through our knowledge of a specific industry, or support you with our experience in legal, financial and operational areas.  That said, we will leave running day to day business affairs to the management team.

We invest long term and will not sacrifice a long term view against short term gains.  Our culture is driven by entrepreneurship, meaning that we like speed of execution and tend to frown upon excessive bureaucracy.  Through our market presence we will search for opportunities to attract new business for each company in our portfolio.  We have also established a harmonious relationship approach with the managers and partner shareholders – after all, we are all driven by common goals.

We also like having lots of fun and appreciate a good sense of humour in our often hectic business environment.

Last but not least - we have a strong track record of value creation – and we hope to extend this record with every new investment target!

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